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Hi guys and welcome to my blog! My name is Maria and I created this space to share what we like the most…crocheting! I have always been creative and good at handmade stuff, but only few years ago I discovered the magic of this art. It was summer, I was at my grandma’s place putting in order her closet, when she found her first crochet. She gave it to me and I thought ‘ well let’s try!’. At the beginning it was everything but easy. I didn’t know how to hold the hook or move my fingers, they were like blocked and I had pain in them . But I practiced a lot and little by little my chain stiches started looking better and my first flowers appeared. I was so proud of myself ! Since then, the idea of creating something from a simple ball of yarn fascinated my mind and made me completely addicted to it.


My world of yarns and patterns would not be so special without my lovely boyfriend. His name is Valerio and he always supports and encourages my creativity and even me blogging. We have been staying together in an awesome relationship for 8 years and I really can say he is my soul mate ! He is my dance partner too, we use to dance salsa and bachata . Actually this is one of the biggest passion we share, together with the ones for swimming, music, and cinema.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy my blog and my works. Whenever you have any tips or questions or inquiries please leave a comment. Your opinion counts for me and I’ll answer as soon as I can. I am sure we’ll have lots of fun crocheting together !!!!!!!!!