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Cabled pom-pom hat

Most of my inspiration comes from the word around me and lately I have been attracted by those cute cabled hats with a pom-pom on top. I love their pattern, it makes them so cozy, soft and warm, perfect to accessorize every winter outfit and what to say about pom-poms? They look so funny and always put me in an amazing mood!!

cabled beanie

Looking here and there on the web, I found out it is possible and quite easy to achieve the cabled texture even with a crochet hook. It only takes a bit of practice with front-post and back-post stitches, but once you ‘ve learned the technique you will even be able to design  your own pattern. In my case I went for a classic, a braid cabled pattern to make a hat 21 cm long which fits a head circumference of approximately 55-57 cm.


I have used my trusty 6 mm hook and 150 gr of Katia Cotton Merino yarn in this beautiful grey shade. I love the way the grey and white shades blend in with the braided pattern.



The hat is worked in three different parts : the band, the hat itself and the pom-pom.

To make the band we are going to chain 6. Ch1 and single crochet in the back loops of each chain below. Keep repeating this pattern until your band is long enough to fit your head. Since the yarn is going to stretch a bit, a trick that works for me is to measure my head circumference and subtract 3 from that measure. My head circumference measures 57 cm then I did my band 57-3 = 54 cm long. The pattern we are going to make is multiple of 6 then be sure that the final number of rows of the band is a multiple of 6 as well. After 60 rows here is how my band looked like!


To close the band join the first and last row with slip stitch.

closing band

For the body of the hat we are going to make an initial row of double crochet. The important thing in this row, as for the rows that follow, is that the initial chains we are going to make, do not count as a first stitch but we will call them ‘building chains’.

For row 1 chain 2 (building chains) and double crochet into the same stitch below. Keep repeating double crochet in each stitch across until you reach the end of the row where you are going to slip stitch into the first double crochet.


And now let the cabling start !!! For row 2 chain 2 (building chains) and back-post-double crochet into the same stitch. Back-post-double crochet into the next stitch as well.


Skip the next two stitches and work a front-post-treble crochet into the third one. Work a front-post-treble crochet into the next stitch as well.


Now go back and work two front-post-treble crochet into the two stitches you have skipped before. You will see the cabling taking shape!


Now continue alternate the pattern back-post-double crochet – cabling until you reach the end of the row where you are going to slip stitch into the first back-post stitch and not the second chain!!!


For row 3 , chain 2 (building chains), *back-post double crochet into the next two stitches. Then front-post-double crochet into the next four stitches* as normal, without skipping any stitches below. Keep repeating from *to* until the end of row 3 where you are going to slip stitch into the first back-post stitch.



Now keep repeating the sequence of rows 2-3 until you reach the total length you prefer for your hat. I stopped when it measured 21 cm, but you can make it longer if you want a slouchier effect.


Once you have reached your desired length, fasten off your yarn leaving a long tale which we are going to use to close the hat at the top. We will just go in and out of the last stitches with a yarn needle and then we will pull it tightly. Here is an useful video on how to make this step.


Finally it’s time to make the pom-pom! For this step you have different options, you can make pom-poms by using your hands cardboards disks or even a fork. But this time I went for the easiest way and taking advantage of the Christmas holidays I made myself a gift and  bought a pom-pom maker.


My pom-pom maker is from Clover. The package contains two tools, one with a smaller diameter for smaller pom-poms and one for bigger ones. I wanted my pompon really to stand out on my hat, so I decided to use the one with a bigger diameter.

Using this pompom maker is really easy. When you open it you will see two arches taking shape. Let’s start wrapping a yarn thread around the first arch for about 100 times. Once you have completed the first arch close it and continue wrapping yarn on the second arch. Once you have done with the second arch too, take a scissor and start cutting the yarn in the middle of both arches. You can see your pompom coming out !! Now take a yarn thread quite long and tie couple of knots in the middle to secure your pompom. Open your pompom maker and voilà here you have it, a nice and well-shaped pompon ready to be attached on the top of your hat !!!!



I really adore how this hat came out and that pom pom on top is simply irresistible!! Don't you think the same? I hope you guys like this pattern too and let me know how was dealing with cabling and if you also tried to design a new pattern. I love you all and see you to the next post…bye heart

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