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Crochet bracelets…

Hello my dear friends, today I am going to share with you the ‘craft attack’ I have been working to, all week long. Being a lot into jewelry lately, I spent the last Sunday thinking and thinking about a nice pattern for some pretty and stylish bracelets and I finally came up with an idea. Have you ever thought about using cord instead of cotton thread to make your crocheted jewelry? Well I did it and I fell absolutely in love with the result!

crochet tube braceletThis cute, half-rigid bangle is worked using the tube spiral technique, which is an effortless pattern consisting on not ending each row with slip stitches but on working them in a continuous way. This means that you won’t be bothered by any stitch counting or markers placing and that will make this technique so ridiculously simple and extremely easy to do.

What you’ll need :

  •  4.5 mm cord of the color you prefer
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook
  • needle
  • scissors
  • charm
  • jump rings

Pattern :

row1 : ch 5, then sl st into the first one

row2-end : sc all the way around

As you can see there’s not so much to say about the pattern. Starting from a 5 chains loop you are going to sc into all the stitches without closing any row. Keep repeating it until you are able to wrap your tube around your wrist comfortable. Once you’ve done join the two ends of your long tube to form a circle and fasten off your cord thread. That’s it!crochet tube braceletsNow have fun  playing with colors, charms (golden or silver ones), materials, dimensions to make your bracelets more personal. I am sure you will do your best in it! Remember that to change the dimension of your tube you only need to increase or decrease the initial chains number if you want your bracelet to look thicker or thiner.foto3

4You can also crochet a tube as long as the half of your wrist size and adding to the other half a chain. Make everything look more precious by adding some charms.

56Well I hope you guys liked this pattern , give those bracelets a try and I am sure once you’ll start you won’t never get enough ! There are so many ways you can customize it and I will look forward to see your pictures as always! I love you all and see you to the next post…bye!!!!

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