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The rainbow clutch…

Raffia bags are definetely a must-have accessory during summer times. Whether you carry them on the beach with all your sun products and towels, or use them in a smaller size to style your outfits, they always bring that exotic touch we can’t resist during this time of the year! What I couldn’t resist as well, was the warm and bright mix of color of this beautiful paper raffia from Katia, which was exactly what I was looking for, to create my first and ‘everyday wear’ raffia clutch.

Rainbow clutch

rainbow clutch IIBeing my first time working with raffia, I was really surprised. Against my expectations, even if it is very flat and soft, this material is truly resistant and easy to work with. Two balls were enough to make my clutch and I was able to do it usign my 6 mm hook, switching to my 4 mm hook for the edge.


The pattern for this project couldn’t be easier! Starting from a foundation chain, the clutch is worked as a long rectangle of basic stitches which we are going to fold properly in three parts to create the body of the bag and its flap. Then, once you have chosen the color of your clutch, start chaining 30+2.

row1 : 1 hdc into the third ch from hook, then hdc in each ch across. (30 st)

row2-38 : ch2 and turn your work. Hdc in each stitch across. (30 st)


raffia stitchesedging : using a 4 mm hook, make a row of single crochet all the way around our rectangle. Just remember to do 3 sc into the stitch at each corner of our rectangle to keep it flat.


Since I wanted to add a nice detail to my clutch, I took a gold chain about 25 cm long and started joining it to my pattern through a row of single crochet.

gold chain

To close up the little spaces between one stitch and another and prevent stuff inside my purse from falling, I sewed a neutral piece of fabric all along my rectangle shape.

This part may sound a bit intimidating if you have never sewed anything in your life, but don’t be afraid and remember that handmade products don’t need to be perfect ;).

Put your piece of fabric on your rectangle to match it. Insert a neutral cotton thread into your needle and tie a strong knot at the tale. Start going into the fabric first and then into the following stitches including the fabric. Continue repeating that all the way around.

fabricSince crochet purses usually tend to be a bit floppy, I also interposed a cardboard between the raffia rectangle and the fabric to make everything look more rigid and ‘in shape’.

cardboardNow to transform our rectangle into a clutch we need to fold it so that the side of your purse measures about 1/3 of the entire piece length.

foldingTo keep our purse closed we are going to install a magnetic bag clasp not visible on the outside of the clutch. To do that, position one half of the clasp right in the center of your clutch flap and the other half on the corresponding half of your body clutch and sew them in place.

magnetic clasp

endI really feel enthusiastic about my ‘rainbow’ clutch. I love how the colors blend together and create a unique shade that matches perfectly these sunny, warm, summer days. As I am sure this one was my first attemp with raffia, I am sure it won’t be the last, but I’ll use it for sure again maybe for a bigger bag. I hope you guys liked this pattern too, give it a try and stay tuned for the next post…byeeee !!!!

Chunky laptop sleeve

I bought my new laptop about four years ago, after my first PC, a gift for my 18th birthday, crashed on the floor and was irremediably broken. Since then I promised to treat the new one very carefully, to protect it from bumps and scratches, keep its screen clean and update regularly its software. Unfortunately I can’t help it…when it comes to technology I am everything but careful! I use to carry my laptop in my shopping bag without any sleeve, it tastes all my sandwiches and coffee, the wires of its charger and mouse are always insanely tangled and it is better not to talk about the fingerprints and the dust on the screen! However, I decided to make an effort and try to make our life together less shocking for my device, crocheting a special gift just for ‘him’.



The pattern for this sleeve is very easy and effortless. After having counted the initial chains all you have to do is keeping crocheting in a round until you reach the total length of your laptop.


The number of your basic chain depends on the width of your device, for mine, a 13 inch laptop, I had to chain 60 using a 3 mm hook.

row1 : ch1, sc in the next 59 st, 3 sc into the 60th st. Sc on the other side of the initial chains and 3 sc into the last ch. Sl st into the first ch.

At the end of row1 your work should look like an oval shape.

row2 -end : ch1, 2 sc into the next st, *skip 1 st and 2 sc into the next one*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row then sl st into the first ch.

edging : ch1, crab st all the way around. Sl st into the first ch.


To make my sleeve look more precious I added a nice silver charm. I think it looks very elegant and fine and it matches perfectly the grey color of the yarn.



Now my laptop is finally ready to be carried around wondering a little bit less about getting bumped. I hope you too like this pattern, it is very easy and relaxing to make. By simply adjusting the basic number of chains this pattern will also work perfectly for other devices like your tablet or smartphone. Give it a try and let me know how it turned out! Happy crocheting my dear and see you to the next post. XX