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Jasmine earrings

Going from summer to fall might be less shocking if you have some accessories to help you say goodbye to hot and bright days and welcome to cooler temperatures and more ‘undressed’ landscapes. Within this spirit, these jasmine earrings are born, and for them I choose these beautiful red and mustard colors which blend so good with all the leeves now standing at the bottom of the trees and the general atmosphere this season of the year creates.

red jasmine earringsmustard jasmine earringsIt was my first time with the jasmine stitch and to learn it, I must say, I had a very good teacher. I followed one of Oana step by step tutorial on youtube . She is a very talented crocheter and in this video she explains perfectly how to work the stitch in round, and how to achieve the final look of the earrings as well. It really couldn’t be easier!

jasmine stitchDSC_5533If learning the jasmine stitch only needed a bit of practice, I think the most difficult part was to make the earrings exactly the same size. It was so funny because for each pair of earrings I had at least three pieces and just tried to pick the two that looked more similar in size. Let me know if you too have the same issue with twin crocheted items  !!!

crochet jasmine stitchWhat I like most about these earrings is their consistency. I am not actually a fan of shaping treatments like using sugar and water or glue and water, so I was really surpised and happy to see they were rigid enough to keep their shape once at the ears.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you are going to try the jasmine stitch and the earrings as well. I would like to know also if you are going to make them for yourself or to gift your friends. I will probably give them to my cousin and my sister in law, because we know, the most beautiful part of our art is to share them with others. I wish you a wonderful crocheting time my friends and see you to the next post. Bye!!!!

Pineapple earrings…

Usually in this time of the year I like to play with cotton thread to renew my jewelry and accessories. After having looked for some inspirations here and there, the first piece of my spring/summer 2015 collection came out! These pineapple earrings with all their warm shades will look just lovely and trendy during the next sunny days and I can’t wait to wear them!

1To make these earrings you will need :

  • 50 gr of cotton thread in the color you prefer
  • 1.25 mm crochet hook
  • 2 earrings clasps
  • 4 jump rings
  • 2 beads

I was inspired by this video tutorial found on onevirtouswoman channel. I like this girl and the positive energy she transfers. Her patterns are super easy, understandable and I definitely recommend you to give a look at her you tube channel. As you will see, I only made some changes at the beginning of her pattern to the upper part of the earring  through these 3 simple rows.

row1: into a magic loop ch 3 (it counts as the first dc), 1 dc. *Ch 2, 2 dc * . Repeat from * to* until the end of the row. Sl st into the third ch.

row2: ch1 (it counts as the firs sc), sc in each stitch around. Sl st into the first ch.

row3: crab stitch all the way around . Sl st into the first crab stitch.

When your earrings are done, you can leave them as they are and I am sure they will look adorable or you can free all your fantasy and creativity to customize them ! In my case I applied some beads at the bottom to give them just a more shining look. What do you think?


DSC_1659I hope you girls liked this pattern. If you are a fan of crocheted jewelry please share your passion with me, I always love being inspired by my readers! Also, I can't wait to see how you customized your pineapple earrings and let me know how many pairs you have done since I am sure all your friends are going to love and ask for them! Now the only thing left is wishing you a happy crocheting and we will see soon to the next post…bye XX