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Timeless doily…

Hi my dear friends! Today I am here with a new project I made for one of my grandma’s friends. She wanted a white doily for a white long table in her dining room so I chose an oval shape with an edging pineapple motif and I tried it on the white furniture in my bedroom. I can say that she had a really good taste because I absolutely love the effect . It’s really delicate and elegant and I think I’m gonna make one for me too.


Here is the free pattern I followed. It comes with some instructions on the left side of the page, but basically the work starts from the central 97 chain stitches and continues working around. (Just remember to fasten off your thread at rows 4 and 10). To make this doily I used 150 gr of white cotton thread crocheted with a 1.75 mm hook and the final size that came out is about 24’’x16’’ (60cmx40cm).


I also took some extra pictures so that you can see the details of this work.



I hope you guys enjoy this pattern. It’s really easy and it will take approximately one week of no hard working. Well, give it a try and if you have any questions or problems don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I will be more than pleased to help you. Happy crocheting and see you to the next post!!! Byeee