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Snow white|Crochet ribbed beanie

Until now I have always made my pom poms using the Clover pom pom maker, but lately I saw faux fur pom poms are being very popular. You can see them used in thousand ways, as keyrings or charms for bags, as edging for long scarves and of course on top of chunky beanies. As a pom pom lover, I couldn’t help following this fashion trend, which inspired me to create such a basic, still cute accessory for the next winter season.

To make this beanie I used some Relax yarn I had left from my previous Valerie infinity scarf and I must say it was such a great choice since I was able to end my project using only a ball of yarn. Besides being cheap, which is always a plus for crochet projects, this pattern is also super quick and easy. Even a newbie knowing only the basic stitches can follow it without any problems.

Even if the recommended size for my yarn was a 6 mm crochet hook, I have used a 4.5mm size in order to get a more defined ribbed look and also a stretchy texture.

I started by chaining 46 and remember that the initial number of stitches you crochet will define the length of your beanie.

row1 : ch1 and turn your work. 1 sc in each stitch along.

row2-32 : ch1 and turn your work. Sc in the back loop of each stitch along.

At the end of row 32 leave a long tale to close up the beanie. Using a yarn needle start going in and out of each stitch along the short side of your rectangle shape. Then pull it tightly and you’ll see your beanie take shape.

Now we need to close the body of our beanie. To bring closer the edge of my beanie I used the clover stitch markers and then, I simply started sewing along.

Once you have done, just fold the lower part of your beanie for about 4cm to create this beautiful band edging.

Since the edging looked a bit unfinished, I also made a row of reverse single crochet all the way around to complete the look.

My beautiful long faux fur pom pom is from Cowling Country Crafts Etsy shop. I really liked this shop, it provides a great selection of fur pom poms in different sizes and different colors and shades.

Sandra the owner, has been very professional. I had my product delivered in only few days and I also appreciated the padded mailing envelope my pom pom came in. It showed care even if there was only a pom pom inside.

For my ‘snow white’ beanie, I chose the color ‘Autumn Mink’ , since I loved how the beautiful darker tips blended with the beige neutral color of the pom pom.

Looking for this kind of pom poms, my main question was about how to apply them. ‘Should I sew them or what?’, I kept asking to myself. Well, I was very surprised to find out they come with an automatic closure at their bottom, which makes the assembly easier than I thought.I really love the chunky look of my beanie. The soft rim makes it so comfortable to wear around the head, also the close pattern makes it super warm and cozy. I really think this is the warmest beanie I have ever made, perfect for the freezing winter days especially if you have to stay outside for long time.

I put it on for a walk through the Christmas market and had fun posing for some pics with all the lights and Christmas trees, enjoying the magical atmosphere of these weeks.

I hope you guys like this pattern too. Let me know if you are going to use it for Christmas gifts or for yourself. Let me know also if you are familiar with faux fur pom poms or if you use a different technique to make them. Meantime I wish you a happy crocheting time and see you to the next post…bye!!!!