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Puff stitch cowl

You can tell fall is here!! That fresh air early in the morning, the even chillier nights, the warm cup of tea that makes you good company on your sofa while watching a movie, maybe with a blanket on your legs. All that makes the perfect combination to start playing with yarn again after the summer break. My welcome to the new fall season, is this beautiful puff stitch cowl. To make this cowl, I have used 3 skeins of KATIA MERINO ARAN yarn (100 gr each), in the shade number 11. I love this neutral color, it is so versatile and I love even more the fact that the yarn is washable in a washing machine, which is really useful and reassuring, since I am always scared when it comes to wash my yarn items.My best ally, my 6mm crochet hook, helped me to make the job done!

The pattern for this cowl is very easy, it is worked in rounds and it uses the crochet puff stitch. Let’s begin by chaining 90 as your foundation chain. Then slip stitch into the very first chain, creating a loop and being sure your work doesn’t twist.

To create your first puff stitch, extend the loop it creates on your hook

To work a puff stitch yarn over, insert the hook into the same stitch below and draw up a loop (you have 3 loops on your hook), yarn over insert the hook into the same stitch and draw up a loop 2 times more. Now you should have 7 loops on your hook

Yarn over and draw the yarn through all loops on the hook. Then chain 1. Skip the very next stitch and work the second puff stitch into the next stitch

Keep repeating this pattern, until you reach the end of your round, when you’ll slip stitch to the top of the first puff stitchNow slip stitch to the chain one space

Extend the loop on your hook as you did before and work the first puff stitch of your second round. Once worked the puff stitch, chain one, skip the very next stitch below and work a puff stitch into the chain one spaceI repeated this pattern for 33 rounds in total and here is what I got in the end

I love the clean and elegant texture the puff stitches give to my cowl. I am also really satisfed with the size it came out, since I wanted it to wrap cozily but also quite tight around my neck. For a looser fitting around your neck, just increase the initial number of chains, remembering that the pattern is multiple of two.

This cowl is so versatile, see how nice it looks on a denim jacket!!

Last weekend the weather was quite windy here in Trieste then what a better occasion to wear my new cowl? It kept me super warm and it looks amazing with my everyday outfit! I also love how it drapes around my neck.

I really love how my puff stitch cowl turned out . It is such a unique piece and I am sure I will wear it almost everyday with the colder weather. I hope you guys liked that pattern too and let me know on social (facebook, twitter, instagram) if you’ll give it a try. Meanwhile I wish you a happy crocheting time and stay tuned for more patterns coming soon!! Byeeee !!!!!

Crochet trousse purse

How many times it happens to you to waste a lot of time looking for that lipstick you harriedly threw into your bag? I am that kind of person and my bags always look like those magic black boxes where you never know what you can find inside. Since September is my good resolutions setting month, I decided to break this trend being more organized and thought that having a cute accessory could help me on this purpose.

For this project, I used some raphia I had left from my previous rainbow clutch  and round bag projects , which are respectively the shade 53 and 52 of Katia Raphia collection. I think raphia is perfect for this project and in general for handmade purse and bag, since it is resistant and rigid enough to give shape to them.

To begin your work, grab your 6mm hook and chain 18 as your foundation row.

For round1, make 1 hdc into the second chain from the hook and then in each stitch along. Once you reach the last chain of your foundation row, make 3 hdc into that chain.

Now rotate the work and keep doing hdc until you reach the first st of your foundation row. Into the very last st make 2 hdc and the sl st into the very first chain.

The oval bottom of our purse is taking shape.

rounds2-9: ch2(they count as the first hdc), 1 hdc into each stitch below. At the end of the round , slip stitch into the second chain.

The big purse is worked the same way, the only changes are the initial number of chain I made, which was 25 and the total number of rounds I made which was 10.

As you can see, by simply changing the initial number of your foundation chain row and the total number of worked rounds, you can customize your purse.

To make my purses more functional, I sewed  on top of them a zipper, and to give them more personality I also attached at the zipper a cute tassel. How cute do they look?

I can’t wait to carry these beautiful purses into my everyday bag. I think I’ll put my essential make, as lipstick, mascara, blush, into the biggest purse, while all my document and cards will fit perfectly into the small one. These purses are perfect for travel as well. In november Valerio and I are planning a week end trip and I am sure I’ll bring them with me.

I hope you too like these purses and let me know if you are going to give them a try. I would love to see how far your creativity goes with them and all your customizations. Meanwhile I wish you the most wonderful crocheting times and stay tuned for more projects coming soon. Byeeee!!!!!