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Granny squares pillow

Spring is blooming everywhere around. Cherry trees are showing their beautiful, delicate pink flowers while fragrant roses decorate and perfume all gardens. Strawberries, apricots, peaches are making their first appearance after the cold, monochrome winter and it feels like all nature around revives. I wanted to bring this general rebirth also in my home, making something that cozes the environment and brings color and brightness at the same time. This is how my granny pillow came out. Don’t you think that the yellow color in the pattern resembles some little, cute daffodils?

While I was working on it, I realized it was my first time with a granny pattern. Before that, I have only read some posts about this technique and how it may be a bit annoying joining all the squares at the end. Well, considering that I only made 12 of them, I handled the stress 🙂 !!With the season changing, it also changed the texture of the material I used. For this project, I went for  Katia  Monaco Yarn in the shade 16 (yellow color) and 25 (light grey color), and a 3.5 mm hook. This yarn is perfect for spring/summer projects !

Here is the pattern I followed for my granny squares. I found it on the internet and just to give it more personality, I added one round and decided to create a contrast by making the first one in a different and brighter color than the others.

My pillow form measured about 50×30 cm and for it I liked the idea of a case with two different faces, one with the granny pattern and the other in a simple, bright yellow double crochet pattern.

For the ‘granny face’, I made 12 squares. Once you have done them, it is time to join them  togheter. You’ll see that the front face and the back face of your granny square look different.

To start joining them, put your squares front face to front face and single crochet along one side.

When you unfold the two squares, this is the look you are going to see.

Repeat this procedure until you have three strands of 4 squares each.

Now put two strands front face to front face and single crochet along one side. Repeat the same procedure with the last strand and that’s it! You have done your front pillow face.

To start making the back face, let’s attach the yellow yarn on the last row of the grannies and single crochet in each stitch below.

At the end of your first row, make 3 single crochet and turn your work. Double crochet in each stitch below. Repeat this pattern until you are able to cover all the back face of your pillow. In my case that was done after 26 rows.

Then I joined the two short sides of my pillow case together , while on the third size I sewed a zipper, since I thought this can be more convenient all the times I feel to wash the case, instead of unstitch it.

As you can see, to complete the look and give my pillow a nice oriental touch, I applied tassels at the corners. Don’t they look so cute!!!

I used my pillow to decorate this cute bench, with shoes storage underneath, I have right in the entry way of my apartment. I wanted to create a cozy corner to welcome everyone who is coming inside my home and also a comfy place where I can wear my shoes before leaving the house. I feel enthusiastic about how it came out!  

I hope you guys like this pattern and let me know if you too think that pillows and cushions give a cozy look to spaces and make them more warm and homey. Also let me know if are familiar with granny projects or this pattern will be your first time with this technique too. I can’t wait to see your version of this pattern and how you will use it to decorate your place. See you to the next post…bye !!!