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Mummy, baby…& me scarf

Few months ago, I happened to know a nice coincidence that links my colleague to her daughter. They were born on the same day, obviously in different years. So while my colleague is happily enjoying her thirties, her daughter blew out her first candle. My colleague set a wonderful b-day party hoping to make that day unforgettable for her and her baby. I wanted to contribute in making their day special as well, so I thought to gift them with matching mummy and baby scarves.

mummyscarfbaby-scarfscarvesSince my colleague is a very sporty type, I wanted an easy to pair color and this blue jeans yarn from Rugby (colour n.14) was just the perfect match. I have used 3 and a half balls (350 grams) and my 8 mm crochet hook.

yarnsFor the toddler scarf, instead, I used some yarn left from my Valerie scarf I really love the creamy color of this yarn and the fact that is extremely soft , antiallergic and delicate on baby skin. For it I used less than a ball and my trusty 6 mm hook.

Here are the patterns I made up for these beautiful scarves. They are very simple, and considering that I ended them in less than a week working on them only in the evening after work, I may say they are really quick.

Mummy scarf

For this pattern we are going to need an even number of chains. I made a foundation of 150 chains

row 1: ch1, 1 hdc into the second ch from the hook, *ch1, skip the chain below , 1hdc into the next chain*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row.

row2-18 : ch1 and turn your work. *Ch 1, skip the stitch below and do 1hdc into the next ch 1 space*. Repeat from * to* until the end of the row. Sc into the very last stitch

Once you are happy with the fitting of your scarf, join the two ends of it and start sewing them. Now your scarf should be ready to be wrapped around your neck and keep you extra warm!!!

Baby scarf

Begin your project by making a foundation of 146 chains. It may seem a little weird the fatc that for both the mummy and the baby scarf, the number of initial chains is almost the same, but it’s only due to the fact that the yarn we use for the toddler scarf is thiner .

row 1: ch1, 1 hdc into the second ch from the hook, *ch1, skip the chain below , 1hdc into the next chain*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row.

row2-12 : ch1 and turn your work. *Ch 1, skip the stitch below and do 1hdc into the next ch 1 space*. Repeat from * to* until the end of the row. Sc into the very last stitch

My colleague really liked their matching gift and her baby too, since she kept moving her head toward, proudly taking all the compliments of the party guests.

It’s been a long time since I haven’t made something for myself as well. For years my knit like infinity scarf it’s been my daily winter accessory but I really wanted a renewing. This is why I decided to crochet the ‘mummy scarf’ even for myself using this beautiful dusty rose yarn from Rugby.

my-scarfI really love the color of this yarn and was surprised to see how versatile it is. It matches perfectly my brownish coat and I think it will look adorable even with a giant, oversized neutral cardigan for more springy outfits.

me2mevalerioI am so proud of how these gifts turned out and the happiness on my colleague’s face when she received them was just priceless. She really liked the idea of her and her baby walking around , wearing the same accessory. For sure now they’ll have even something more to share together.

Anyway talking about sharing and coincidences, I have a similar story too since I share my birth date with my grandpa. Do you have similar stories too and do you think there’s some kind of explanation between them? I am really curious to know your experiences and opinions, in the meantime I wish you a happy crocheting time and keep tuned since sooner I’ll be sharing my first spring project!!!! Love you all byeeee

‘Valerie’ infinity scarf

I decided to name this scarf after a person who was very close to me during the most difficult time of my life. Her name is Valeria and she is the daughter of my mum’s best friend. Like me, she is an engineer and a strong woman who made her way through all the challenges and difficulties that life placed before her. One day, we were having a tea at my house and, talking about fashion and other ‘feminine topics’, she told me a warm white scarf was just what was missing into her wardrobe. That immediately rang a bell into my head, since I couldn’t think to any better way to show her all my gratitude for all her support and encouragement, than just making her wish come true.


seed-stitch-scarfTo make this scarf, I used 3 balls of the soft Relax yarn in a candid white color and my trusty 6 mm crochet hook. It always get my smile the fact that this yarn is named ‘Relax’, since it is just as Latin people would say ‘ in nomen omen’ , a name that just explains itself.

relax-yarnI wanted to make this scarf very unique, using a pattern I never tried before and that looked light and elegant. Well, looking here and there, I found out it is possible to achieve the beautiful knitted seed stitch look even with crochet and so I went straight for it.

seed-stitchI studied a bit this stitch and after some trials, I understood that the better way to work with it is in rows back and forth. Generally you have seen me work infinity scarves in round , (Infinity scarf , knit-like infinity scarf, infinity bubble scarf) , but this time the only way to make your scarf look exactly the same on both sides is to work it in rows.

To start off , you will need an odd number of chain stitches, then  I chained 171.

row 1:  *1 sc into the second ch from the hook, 1 dc into the next stitch*. Repeat from * to * all the way along.

seed-st-tutorial1row 226: ch1 and turn your work. *Skip one stitch and work 1 sc and 1 dc into the next same stitch*. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row.

seed-st-tutorial2seed-st-tutorial-3Once you have completed, join the two ends of your scarf and start sewing them to form a loop.loop-scarfinfinity-scarfThis scarf will always hold a special place into my heart, since it became for me a symbol of strength, courage and determination. This is the reason why I want to dedicate it to all the ‘super-women’ out there, all the women worlwide who everyday face challenges, but for whom giving up is not an option. To the women who always show their best side even if life shows them its worst. To the women who make mistakes and try to learn from them and improve themselves. To moms, who at the same time are wives and have succesfull career, but they always find the time to lovely kiss their children. A special thought is for all the people who suffered a loss, and always look at the sky with a smile and continue to live their life with enthusiasm, because they know this is how their beloved ones want to see them. This scarf is for all of us heart

Infinity bubbles scarf…

Nothing is what it seems and there’s a trick even behind this scarf!! If you give a first look at it, you can immediately recognize the bubble texture and think that it’s all thanks to the pop corn stitch. Well, the truth is that the same fluffy texture can be achieved in a way a lot easier and quicker , by simply alternating treble crochet and single crochet stitches.picVIt’s the different size of the two stitches that creates the magic! The treble crochet, a tall stitch, tends to fold on itself when it is between the two smaller single crochet stitches and this is where the puffy look comes from. This technique works better with a bulkier yarn since it will emphasize more the difference between the two stitches used.

picIVTo make this scarf I used 4 balls of Rugby yarn which make a total of 200 gr. I am sorry but I wasn’t able to find an online link for this product, but anyway you can buy any type of yarn with the same features. I chose this intense blue color which I am really into lately and my 8 mm crochet hook.


Except for the initial counting, that will give you the size of your scarf, there is no counting at all and this makes the pattern very relaxing and easy to follow.

I love wrapping my scarf at least twice around my neck, then I chained 110. Alternatively keep chaining until your piece will be approximately 140 cm long. Then join the first and last chain making sure your work doesn’t twist.

row1: ch1, *1 sc into the first ch, 1 treble crochet (tr) into the next ch*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row. Sl st into the first ch.

row2: ch4 (it counts as the first tr), *1 sc into the next tr, 1 tr into the next sc*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row. Sl st into the top of the intial ch 4.

row3: ch1, *1 sc into the first tr, 1 tr into the next sc*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row. Sl st into the first ch.

row4-end : keep repeating the sequence row1-row2 until your scarf will be about 22 cm wide.

Then fasten off your yarn.

I took advantage of a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and went to the park near my house where I took some pictures with my new ‘bubble scarf’. Yes, I like to think of this amazing texture as bubbles..isn’t the same for you too?  

picIpicIIpicIIIAt the end of our walk, Valerio and I just took a selfie to send you a big hug and wish you a lovely crocheting time! Byeeee heart


‘Knit-like’ infinity scarf…

Hi my lovely friends, it’ s been a while since my last post , but a lot has happened! As some of you may know, last September I graduated as a civil engineer and I started looking for a job. At the beginning I felt a little discouraged, I used to spend almost my entire days in front of my laptop searching for companies, sending CV and it seemed no one was looking for me. By the way I didn’t give up, I kept looking with a more positive attitude and now I am super excited to tell you that I’ve been working since almost two months!! I am officially a civil engineer in a private company, even if I still didn’t get used to people calling me in this way. I love my job, it makes me travel a lot and every day I can meet new people who can help me growing up personally and professionally. Even if my job makes me very busy and some days really tired, I always have time for my biggest passion, because as they say in one of my favorite movies ‘passion is what keeps us alive’. So today I am here to share with you my last project, which is a ‘knit-like’ crochet infinity scarf.

DSC_1117You know what I think about infinity scarves, I love them, they go with every outfit and enrich also the simplest ones, even a basic white T-shirt with a jeans. To make this infinity scarf I have used 5 skeins of Roby Hobby (it looks like the website is still under construction) yarn in the grey color and my 8 mm crochet hook.

DSC_1051The yarn is incredibly soft and warm, it is the chunky type and you’ll be able to make three rows with each skeins. Be sure to have an enough big yarn needle and then just make yourself comfortable, maybe with a hot cup of tea (considering how freezing is outside ) and enjoy my super easy pattern.

Row 1 : ch 100

DSC_1083Row 2: ch2, hdc in the back loop of the 3rd chain. *Hdc in the back loop of each stitch around*. Repeat ** until the end of the row.

Crocheting in the back loops only, is what will give the knit like look to your scarf.

DSC_1087back loopsRow 3-15: ch 2 and turn your work. *Hdc in the back loop of each stitch around*. Repeat ** until the end of the row.


DSC_1096Once you have your long ‘rectangle’ just sew the two ends together and you’ve done !!! It couldn’t be easier, am I right? Now twist your scarf twice around your neck and you won’t be able to take it off.

DSC_1132I hope you guys like this pattern, as you have seen it is super easy and super super (other 100 super) quick. Since the yarn is very thick your work will go very fast and you’ll be able to end it in an afternoon if you have a free one. Moreover, since it’s holiday season, you can use this pattern to make scarves as a gift for your dearest friends. They will appreciate it because it didn’t come only from your heart, but also from your hands.

Now after this long talk , it’s time to wish you happy crocheting, happy holiday season and whenever you have any questions, or just want to say ‘hello’ feel free to leave me a comment.

I love all my readers…kiss u

P.S. The movie I was talking about is ‘Dead poets society’ aw *.*


Infinity scarf…

Here comes the fall, my favorite season. It’s the time of the year when the nature acts like a painter and dyes everything around us with thousand perfectly mixed colors. The results are beautiful landscapes of trees no more green, but tinged with yellow, red and orange leaves. The sky is of a very intense blue and you can appreciate more the light and the warmth of the sun. However the days get shorter and when the sun goes down, the wind rising reminds you that winter is just a matter of weeks. With these feelings I decided to crochet a warm scarf to wear during the chilly autumn days. Infinity scarves are my favorites, I love them, they are so versatile and complete your look. I made mine in a cream color, I put it on , went to the park and had fun taking some pictures!




To make this scarf I used the tropical lane carisma yarn. It’s incredibly soft and it has a lighter shade which mixes to the white cream for a really fine and unique color combination.

What you’ll need:

  • 250 gr of tropical lane charisma yarn, in the color 401
  • 6 mm crochet hook
  • yarn needle

Stitches used :

  • chain stitch (ch)
  • double crochet stitch (dc)

Start chaining 34 + 3 to turn your work.

 Row 1 : 1 dc in the 5th ch from the hook, *ch 1, skip the next stitch and 1 dc in the next one*. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row.

 Row 2-100 : ch 3 and turn your work. *1 dc in the very next ch 1 space, ch 1 , 1 dc in the next ch 1 space *. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row.

 Sew together the ends of the long rectangle you have to form a big circle. Twist it around your neck and you have now your scarf ready !!!


I hope you guys enjoyed this pattern. It’s very quick and easy, give it a try and I would love if you want to share your result with me ! See you to the next post…lots of kisses !!!!