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‘Valerie’ infinity scarf

I decided to name this scarf after a person who was very close to me during the most difficult time of my life. Her name is Valeria and she is the daughter of my mum’s best friend. Like me, she is an engineer and a strong woman who made her way through all the challenges and difficulties that life placed before her. One day, we were having a tea at my house and, talking about fashion and other ‘feminine topics’, she told me a warm white scarf was just what was missing into her wardrobe. That immediately rang a bell into my head, since I couldn’t think to any better way to show her all my gratitude for all her support and encouragement, than just making her wish come true.


seed-stitch-scarfTo make this scarf, I used 3 balls of the soft Relax yarn in a candid white color and my trusty 6 mm crochet hook. It always get my smile the fact that this yarn is named ‘Relax’, since it is just as Latin people would say ‘ in nomen omen’ , a name that just explains itself.

relax-yarnI wanted to make this scarf very unique, using a pattern I never tried before and that looked light and elegant. Well, looking here and there, I found out it is possible to achieve the beautiful knitted seed stitch look even with crochet and so I went straight for it.

seed-stitchI studied a bit this stitch and after some trials, I understood that the better way to work with it is in rows back and forth. Generally you have seen me work infinity scarves in round , (Infinity scarf , knit-like infinity scarf, infinity bubble scarf) , but this time the only way to make your scarf look exactly the same on both sides is to work it in rows.

To start off , you will need an odd number of chain stitches, then  I chained 171.

row 1:  *1 sc into the second ch from the hook, 1 dc into the next stitch*. Repeat from * to * all the way along.

seed-st-tutorial1row 226: ch1 and turn your work. *Skip one stitch and work 1 sc and 1 dc into the next same stitch*. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row.

seed-st-tutorial2seed-st-tutorial-3Once you have completed, join the two ends of your scarf and start sewing them to form a loop.loop-scarfinfinity-scarfThis scarf will always hold a special place into my heart, since it became for me a symbol of strength, courage and determination. This is the reason why I want to dedicate it to all the ‘super-women’ out there, all the women worlwide who everyday face challenges, but for whom giving up is not an option. To the women who always show their best side even if life shows them its worst. To the women who make mistakes and try to learn from them and improve themselves. To moms, who at the same time are wives and have succesfull career, but they always find the time to lovely kiss their children. A special thought is for all the people who suffered a loss, and always look at the sky with a smile and continue to live their life with enthusiasm, because they know this is how their beloved ones want to see them. This scarf is for all of us heart