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French Beret…

Salut mes amis! Get ready, today we are going to fly to Paris. If you want to feel a cute “parisienne”, the fashion accessory you cannot miss is the typical French basque. I really love it ! I think it looks adorable on everyone, sophisticated with short hair and romantic with long or medium hair. For sure it gives an extra touch to your style! You can wear it in winter as warm and cozy, but also in spring or summer. If your summers are impossibly hot like in my Country, you can wear it in the evening with a red lipstick looking simply chic and unique. I wanted one to be worn during spring/summer times, so I looked for an openwork pattern and I was captured by this one on the net.


For my beret, I chose the dusty rose that is actually my favorite color and I used 2 threads of cotton together, worked with a 3 mm hook. I love the texture it came out! I also made some adjustments to this pattern skipping the last 5 rows and going directly to the edging band, but this is completely optional. It depends on how slouchy you want your basque to be.

After few hours working voilà this is the final result!!


I hope I convinced you guys enough to give this basque a try!! I would be pleased to receive photos of your handmade basque and if you have any questions leave a comment and I will answer as soon as I can!! See you next time, bye !!!