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Fringe scarf…

Last year you saw me post a picture of this beautiful Katia cotton cashmere thread, with the promise of a coming soon blog post about the project I was making with it.

Well, it turned out I need to study a little bit more for ‘that’ project, and in the end after several trials and frogs, I let my yarn rest for almost a year. Few weeks ago I took it back and decided to use it to make an accessory very useful in this time of the year, a light scarf perfect to wear during the breezy springy nights out.

To make this scarf I have used the shade n.56 of KATIA CONCEPT thread, which is a mix of 90% cotton and 10% cashmere perfect for spring/summer projects. Usually 100% cotton threads result in quite rigid and tight works, while on the contrary this is very soft , light and gentle on skin thanks to the cashmere presence and since I have used it I cannot resist to the temptation of caressing it and squezze my face in it!!!

But now let’s move to the pattern. I have used 5 balls of thread (250 gr) and my trusty summer friend, my 4.5mm hook. I started by chaining 33 and then I followed this nice pattern I found on the net.

The pattern is multiple of 3 and I would call it a rivisited V stitch pattern, since it is practically a V stitch where one side of the V is made of a puff stitch and the other side is a double crochet. I really enjoyed making it and I absolutely love the openwork pattern that came out, I find it very unique and something you don’t see often.  

Ch 33

row1 :  ch3 (it counts as the first dc), ch1, 1 puff stitch into the 5th chain from hook. *Skip the next two stitches and do 1 dc into the next one. Ch 1 and do 1 puff stitch into the same stitch below*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row. Dc into the very last stitch.

row 2 : ch3 (it counts as the first dc) and turn your work. Ch 1 and do 1 puff stitch into the dc stitch below. *Skip the next two stitches and do 1 dc into the next one (it should be the dc below), ch 1 and puff stitch into the same stitch below*. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row. Dc into the top ch below which counted as the first dc.

Keep repeating row1-row2 until you reach the desired length for your scarf. I did it for a total of 155 rows.

At this time I wanted to customize a bit my scarf by attaching some fringes at the ends of it. I never tried it before and I was so happy to learn a new technique and apply it to my brand new scarf.

Start taking a square shape which will define the size of your fringe. I took a simple notebook and started wrapping my thread around it.

The times you wrap your thread will vary the size and the chunkiness of your fringe. Since my scarf is very light and it is for spring outfits, I thought big fringes just didn’t suit it, so I wrapped my thread 5 times. Then cut your strands and fold them in half to form a loop at one end.

Take your hook and insert it into the stitch you want to place your fringe in and draw the loop through that stitch.

Yarn over the loose ends of your yarn and pull everything out.

That’s it!! I am sure you are really going to have fun doing that. I found it very relaxing to do while watching a movie  !!!!

Now my scarf is ready to be carried around and taken out every time I am out with friends, tasting the first summer nights out and a fresh breeze catches us by surprise.

I really hope you like this pattern. I found it a nice alternative to infinity scarves, which are the only ones I have made since I am crocheting. Plus, I was really proud to have learned how to attach fringes to crochet projects. It's a very useful technique you can apply even for blankets, vests or bags! Let me know if you are going to try your hands at this project too! I love you all and see you to the next post..byeee!

Infinity scarf…

Here comes the fall, my favorite season. It’s the time of the year when the nature acts like a painter and dyes everything around us with thousand perfectly mixed colors. The results are beautiful landscapes of trees no more green, but tinged with yellow, red and orange leaves. The sky is of a very intense blue and you can appreciate more the light and the warmth of the sun. However the days get shorter and when the sun goes down, the wind rising reminds you that winter is just a matter of weeks. With these feelings I decided to crochet a warm scarf to wear during the chilly autumn days. Infinity scarves are my favorites, I love them, they are so versatile and complete your look. I made mine in a cream color, I put it on , went to the park and had fun taking some pictures!




To make this scarf I used the tropical lane carisma yarn. It’s incredibly soft and it has a lighter shade which mixes to the white cream for a really fine and unique color combination.

What you’ll need:

  • 250 gr of tropical lane charisma yarn, in the color 401
  • 6 mm crochet hook
  • yarn needle

Stitches used :

  • chain stitch (ch)
  • double crochet stitch (dc)

Start chaining 34 + 3 to turn your work.

 Row 1 : 1 dc in the 5th ch from the hook, *ch 1, skip the next stitch and 1 dc in the next one*. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row.

 Row 2-100 : ch 3 and turn your work. *1 dc in the very next ch 1 space, ch 1 , 1 dc in the next ch 1 space *. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row.

 Sew together the ends of the long rectangle you have to form a big circle. Twist it around your neck and you have now your scarf ready !!!


I hope you guys enjoyed this pattern. It’s very quick and easy, give it a try and I would love if you want to share your result with me ! See you to the next post…lots of kisses !!!!