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Rosy blanket…

About four years ago I made my first blanket ever for my little and at that time just newborn niece. Unfortunately I didn’t have a blog yet so I couldn’t share my work with you. This is why when I heard my colleague was expecting a baby girl and she is now eigth months pregnant, I thought this could be the perfect chance to gift her with something ‘heartmade’ and at the same time to show you one of my favorite patterns for baby blankets.


Picking up the color for this project was easy. When I saw this beautiful pale pink I couldn’t think of anything more delicate and appropriate to welcome a new baby girl into this world. To make a piece of about 60×80 cm , I have used 6 balls of ‘Baby Supremo’ yarn ( a total amount of 300 gr) which is just as its name says…supreme !!

yarnIt is an antiallergic yarn and washable which is always a plus for mommies and babies who are experimenting their first meals and diapers!! It is incredibly soft and easy to work with. The suggested hook sizes ranged between 3 and 3.5 mm and with no hesitation I went for the biggest one to obtain a softer texture.

blanketIVI love the openwork pattern created by the V stitch, it makes this blanket perfect for babies coming during spring/summer times. I also adore the combination of a clear and simple body pattern with a precious, large and more elaborate edge. I think it really makes this piece unique and sophisticated.

VstitchedgeTo start your own blanket you are going to make a foundation chain multiple of 3+3. I chained 121.

row1 : dc into the 4th chain from the hook, ch 1 and dc into the same stitch. *Skip 1 chain and dc into the next ch. , ch1 and dc into the same stitch*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row when you will make a dc into the last ch.

row2-end : ch 3 and turn your work. *Dc into the next ch 1 space, ch 1 and dc into the same ch 1 space*. Repeat from *to* until the end of the row, then dc into the last stitch.

As you might have seen the pattern for the body of this blanket is very relaxing and easy to follow since there is no counting at all, excepting for the initial foundation chain. On the contrary, for the edge I thought a written pattern would be too complicated, so I decided to post here a chart of it. It basically shows that on a base row of single crochet you are going to work this beautiful arches alternating dc joined together and simple chain stitches. 

patternI am always fascinated by the beauty of this pattern and I hope you will be impressed too. I only regret I didn’t take a picture when I used the same pattern for my niece’s blanket. She was born in June, then I wanted something that matched the brightness and the happiness that only summer times can do and I went for a pale yellow cotton thread. Even then the result was amazing.

blanketWell, now I will be waiting for your own blanket. Try to use this pattern, maybe playing with different colors and materials, use light yarn or thread and share your works with me on my blog and social media : facebook, twitter , google+. I really can’t wait to see them !!!! I wish you a lovely crocheting time and see you to the next post…byeeee!!

Crochet headbands…

Headbands are my favorite hair accessories. Whether I want to keep my hair straight down or have fun trying to make some up-dos, adding an headband can totally make the difference. They are such feminine and elegant accessories and let’s be honest…I always feel a bit as a princess when I wear something on my head!!!!

lace headband

crochet headbandsFor the “ flower headband” I have used an ivory cotton thread and a 1.5 mm hook. Then I followed this cute lace pattern I found on the net, perfect to have a romantic final look. To make the headband perfectly fit my head I also added an hair elastic to it.lace pattern 1For the “ fan headband” I have used the same tools, but for it I chose a more casual pattern. You can never go wrong with them! This headband looks more classic with its fan stitches , the larger band makes it very comfortable to wear and it looks perfect on everyday hair styles.

lace pattern 2I hope you guys like these patterns. Now it’s your turn, which headband would be more ‘you’? which one would you like to wear? Give it a try and let me know how it turned out!! Happy crocheting dear and lots of kisses for you !!!!